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Taj Mahal
A Brief Introduction
An Innovator in the field of travel management in India feels delighted to share the fruit of its labour with its discerning clients and customers. Being in the industry for the last 13 years, we have been able to identify the travel preferences of both independent backpackers and those who are looking for an exclusive luxurious experience. Our extensive experience and professional skills, along with the passion of showing India inside out, have made us fulfil the fondest travel wishes of tourists, both domestic and international. Truly, with our above-average and extraordinary travel options, we have set a benchmark for others to follow.

Taking Care of Your Travel Needs
We believe in treating our customers with excessive indulgence. To avoid any hassle or disorder, we have extended our service boundaries to the smallest of travel essentials. From providing you with coast-efficient tour packages to handling your documentation task, we’ll take care of all of your travel requisites. We can be beneficial to you in a number of ways.
- Travel packages revolving around a variety of themes
- Special season travel packages
- Fast car rentals
- Hotel reservation
- Airport transfers
- Air/rail ticketing
- Passport/visa assistance

Group Package Benefits
If you are travelling in a group, our company has to offer you exciting travel ideas in coordination with your travel plans. If your group comprises of 10 people and you depart from one originating city or choose to book 10 or more airline seats and rooms at one hotel, North India rewards you with the following benefits.
- Tours and other excursions
- Booking of rooms as close to other members of the group as possible
- Special hotel check-in procedures
- Private transfers
- Traditional reception at booked hotels
- Special cultural events

Multiple Trip Discounts
Apart from the above-mentioned group package benefits, North India also offers you multiple trip discounts. It’s been noticed that more and more travellers are opting to book multiple trips with us, all at once. So, our company rewards each of the travellers with 5% discount (of the total trip price) for booking three trips or more (all at once).

Flexible Itinerary
Travellers greatly appreciate our flexibility during tour operations. There have been cases where we redrew the entire tour circuit within short notices. Truly, the credit goes to our dedicated travel professionals who work relentlessly to fulfil the fondest travel wishes of our clients and customers. Though we provide you with a number of pre-defined tour packages, there is always a possibility of tailormaking your own trip.

We have showed our excellence even in the field of infrastructure management. Growth is the biggest challenge for us in handling the infrastructure. Monitoring, business intelligence, trending and analysis are the tools that help us keep pace with the changing industry needs and do better. With our hitech offices established across the country, we work with some of the finest talents from the industry. Our offices are strategically located and are interconnected with one another round the clock. From online booking to remote travel management, North India is ready round the clock to attend to your needs. Besides, we own our own fleet of sleek and security-checked cars/coaches (329 in number) that include various ranges from luxury and premium to economy and high capacity vehicles.

Why book with North India?
- We support and stand up for the key principles of responsible travel.
- We promote sound interaction between travellers and locals.
- We provide you with practical advice and useful recommendations.
- We make a point of minimising the negative environmental impacts.
- We are not only certified but also well qualified to attend to your needs.
- We never surprise our customers with hidden costs.

India is incredible that’s why tourists keep flocking to the country year after year. Travelling to India is not a journey but an experience that lets you discover an amazing world beyond your own. Touring through the northern part of the Indian subcontinent is a wonderful opportunity to see some of the best India has to offer. From the world-renowned Taj and the spiritual Varanasi to lake-studded Srinagar and the very legendary Rajasthan, travellers will surely have the time of their lives, once they have set foot on the Indian soil. North India brings to you a perfect mix of the well known and the hidden India. We promise that by the time you leave, you’ll already be planning another visit to this land of wonders.

Forget the hassles that you might come across with during trip planning. To get a free itinerary suggestion from our travel experts, you need to fill in the form given below.

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